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    ​(Mytullus galloprovincialis)

    The mussel grown in the estuaries of Galicia is considered to be the best in the world. The great phytoplankton richness of its waters, along with the long tradition in its aquaculture, have sublimated a mussel of incomparable flavor, color and texture.


    It is often said that we are what we eat. The mussel is fed by filtration using the phytoplankton found in the waters of the sea, filtering up to eight liters of water per hour. The reason for the quality of our mussel is the great richness of the filtering waters, considered by FAO as one of the most important phytoplankton deposits on the planet, both in quantity and quality.


    This abundance of food helps Galician mussels reach their commercial size (70-95 mm) between two and six times faster than that of other places. But not only do they eat more, they also eat better. The great richness of the phytoplankton that each mussel ingests, gives our mussels an intense flavor full of nuances, as well as a vivid orange color and a very fine texture to the palate.


    The European Union has awarded the PDO badge to the Galician Mussel. This way, it recognizes that it not only meets the quality requirements, but its unique personality is linked to the geographic and climatic characteristics of an area where this product has been traditionally cultivated.

    The cultivation takes place in floating platforms called "bateas", located in the Galician estuaries. It began in the 40's, and has been perfecting until today. Nowadays this tradition is combined with the most modern methods of food control and traceability, guaranteeing the purity and sustainability of an incomparable mussel.

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