farmed sole

    ​(Solea senegalensis)

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    Our Sole is cultivated in three farms in Spain and Portugal, using the most advanced quality, control and sustainability systems. We call it aquaculture 3.0. It's based on:


    We have implemented a system of quality and traceability that controls all aspects of the process down to the smallest detail. From quality controls (texture, appearance, size) to nutritional, microbiological and allergen analysis.

    In addition, our RAS system for the treatment and re-use of seawater allows us to fully control the environment in which fish are housed, and prevents the presence of any contaminating particles in the water. All aspects are aimed to assure total stability and sustainability.


    This way, we are able to provide our Sole with its unique long-term nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. Its delicious taste and turgid texture, as well as its Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids content, well above the average of most fish, only suffer occasional refinements resulting from the improvement of our techniques.


    We are predictable in terms of freshness and supply. At any time of the year, our sole has a transit of between one and two days, from its harvesting in the pools of our facilities up until its arrival in most European countries.

    All of this results in a Sole fish that lives up to the most demanding palates, and with the guarantee of freshness and food safety provided by its cultivation under the most demanding standards of control and sustainability.

    Product category: Fresh / Frozen

    Format: HGT / Fillet

    Sizes: <100, 100-200, 200-300, 300-400, 400-600 y >600

    Packaging: 4 and 6 kg. Polyboxes.

    Season: All year round