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    Haliotis discus hannai is a gastropod mollusk that belongs to the family of the Haliotidae. It is endemic to the waters of East Asia, where its meat is considered a delicacy.

    Due to its high demand, some companies have started its captive breeding in some parts of the world. Only some of us have managed to develop all stages of growth, from seed production to the fattening and the final harvest. The secret lays in a meticulous process of aquaculture farming based on:


    Its diet has been developed through a long process of investigation, which is a replica of the natural food of the marine environment. It is based on a mixture of microalgae produced internally using state of the art technology.

    This treatment along with the pristine and plankton-rich waters of the Galician estuaries where the Abalone is cultivated, provides this mollusk with an intense sea flavor.


    At all stages, we take care of many factors, such as biodensity spaces so that our Abalones have adequate space for optimal growth.


    We look after every detail, so that the Abalone suffers minimal stress. We replicate the light, temperature ... so that the Abalone is situated in their nature-like environment.


    The food safety and traceability system ISO 22000 has been implemented. Both internal and external qualified laboratories perform periodic and systematic inspections of quality control (texture, size, appearance), cold chain, as well as microbiological, nutritional and allergen analysis.

    We also complie with the highest possible environmental certification ISO14000-EMAS, which assures to minimize the environmental impact in all our activities.

    As a result, we have achieved a variety of Haliotis Hannai with an intense sea flavor, quality, nutritional value and food safety that facilitates the cultivation under the highest standards.

    In addition, we have the possibility to genetically select the best characteristics of the Abalone to adapt it to the needs of the client, so our pursuit of excellence continues.

    We have an annual production capacity of 100 tons. This way, we are able to market the most exclusive variety of Abalone in the world in the quantity and quality required by the most demanding customer.

    Product categories: Fresh / Frozen

    Graded in 60-62 mm, 65-72 mm, 75-82 mm, 85-92 mm, +95 mm

    Packing type: Polyboxes (Different sizes)

    Season: All year

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